Book 12: 2020 #spare-a-square


When toilet paper was seen as a rare commodity

Never in a million years would I have thought that toilet paper (TP) would cause such stress. But turns out that toilet paper and sanitizer were the first things to be horded when the Covid-19 Quarantine started in March of 2020.

And thats where I got the idea for this book. If TP is so rare, lets “#spare-a-square” for art’s sake.
The project asked for artwork to use one 4×4 sheet of TP, it could be painted, folded, drawn on, basically anything they wanted, but only one sheet, and as you can imagine since artists like to work outside the box, some decided to send me their individual interpretations. I know you’ll enjoy the journey into the world of TP in a way you have not seen before.

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NOTE: Most artists kept within their style, but remember, TP is not easy to work with AND its intended to dissolve in water. Be sure to check out the Artists website for complete samples of their art.
A big thank you to all the artists who participated.

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A BIG Thank you to Shana Nys Dambrot for spotlighting the book on LA Weekly at

Participating Artists: Amy Kaps, Jodi Bonassi, Kristine Augustyn, Jennifer Snoeyink, Diane Cockerill, Andrea Guzzetta, Diane Morgan, Shi Paints, Tracey Weiss, Michele Mekel, Ellen Riingen, Kerrie Smith, Genie Davis, Debbi Green, Stevie Love, Frank Dixon, Sophie Oueliet, Paul Samenfeld, Linda Sue Price, Robert Costanza, Cody Lusby, Mara Thompson, Edwin Vasquez, Linda Legman, Sheila Fein, Victor Wilde, Heather Lowe, Karen Hochman Brown, Kayla Cloonan, Karrie Ross


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