A “take” on getting Gallery Representation

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For young artists, securing gallery representation can seem like an unobtainable goal. But it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream.

While it’s possible to go it alone, it’s hard to understate the importance of a supportive, dedicated gallery to your career. The right gallerist doubles as a sounding board while you develop your work, a public platform for your practice, and a source of income.

But whether you’re entering the art world as a self-taught creative or an MFA graduate, the road to finding representation can be perplexing. It’s no longer appropriate to stride into a gallery wielding your portfolio, expecting to be discovered—so how do you land on the radar of the galleries you already admire and respect?

First off, it helps to be honest: Blue-chip institutions like Gagosian or David Zwirner are not exactly on the hunt for unknown talent. But plenty of vital and exciting galleries on a smaller scale are. Below, we speak with a group of progressive dealers across the United States—from Catinca Tabacaru of Catinca Tabacaru Gallery on New York’s Lower East Side to Haynes Riley of Good Weather in North Little Rock, Arkansas—who primarily represent emerging artists. They weigh in on the most effective ways to get yourself on the radar.

and the author Alexxa Gotthardt goes on to list several sections to watch.

  1. The importance of Education
  2. Applying to Residencies
  3. Find a job that’s adjacent to the art world
  4. Maintain an online presence
  5. Introduce yourself to galleries—tactfully
  6. Connect with your community
  7. Open your studio
  8. Learn to speak confidently about your work
  9. Then sums it all up.


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