Book 2: OECW: Couples and Collaborations

Our Ever Changing World ~ Through the Eyes of Artists — Couples and Collaborations

Just how DO Artists live together? Is it a collaboration or…

I like thinking that artists are different. I noticed that artists work to bring something that is hidden into light. That their way of seeing and being in our world opens us to new ways of acting and thinking. Their different perspectives help to bring about change.

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Our Ever Changing World—Through the Eyes of Artists —Couples and Collaborations bring together twelve couples, 24 artists, one an artist and the other an artist or involved in a connecting profession, one main question and six self-guided interview questions with photos. What happens is an insight into how strengths, weaknesses, focus, determination, confidence and intention all play a part in the creating of a loving, giving, playful, atmosphere allowing them to thrive.


Our Ever Changing World: Through the  Eyes of Artists: “Couples and Collaboration.”

Layout 1Book Two:  (8.5 x 11 color) Spotlights couples and the way they collaborate. Is if just as a couple or as artists too? And how does this type of relationship function and affect their lives. When I hung the show I was very pleased to see how each couple complimented each other not only in being a couple but in the art they created.

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ARTISTS: Beanie Kaman, Michael Wood, Susan Savory, Bruce Dean, Anna Stump, Ted Meyer,  Wini Brewer, Bill Leigh Brewer, Tania Van Herle,  Stephen Rowe, Pamela Grau, Jeffrey Crussell,  Dori Atlantis,  Richard Bruland, Stevie Love,  Bruce Love, Ph.D.,  Ginger Van Hook,  Luke Van Hook,  Joey Forsyte, Alex Kritselis,  Karrie Ross


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Foreword by Shana Nys Dambrot
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