Burning Man Happens All Year — Plans!

(Shared from DesignYouTrust article link)

Although I’ve never been, I am fascinated by the concept and have been for many years. My interests lean to community, like minded people coming together for a short period and the “what happens”. I am a child of the 1960s so “Happenings” hold a deep longing space in my soul. Burning Man, does, or once did seem to have this gift.

There are lots of photos out there each year, but I would suggest that after the images from this linked page excites you that you move over to the official Burningman.org site for all the best information on the who, what, why, when, how and plan your next adventure… maybe?

The thing most might not understand is that Burning Man is an all year plan… not only the “what your art sharing will look like” BUT the tips on how to survive it and the community you’ll bring with you or create.

(Shared from DesignYouTrust article link)