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Book 13 Artists Art & Story 2020 Call for Entries

“A place to put this year”
Deadline is January 5, 2021.

CALL for YOUR ART & STORIES…. Its that time again… my yearly Artist Art & Story 2020 art-history-book project is now open for submissions.

2020 has been quite the year, with the pandemic and politics, not to mention the normal every-day happenings… and I know we’ve all been feeling the challenges put before us. PLEASE take this opportunity to write about your experiences of this year. I’ve been researching found a few places to submit books, and especially books that recount living during the pandemic, and under quarantine. Suggestions are welcome.

I am hoping you will all take the time to share your experiences of this past year with others by submitting a story and an image. Note: this qualifies as a publication in any CV or online profile listing. Please help me make this a moment to remember, a time capsule for the art industry.
This is open to all the arts, writers, curators and gallerists that wish to share their experiences.




Welcome to the Art-History-Book-Project website where the books we publish represent artists from around the world, their art and stories as they happen each year. Here are some photos of book and events we’ve had over the years. The side column offers categories and other information.
As of January 1, 2022 there will be no more books published. A BIG thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. I wish you many successful years of being an artist.
Please use the Book Store link to purchase existing books from Amazon.

Click here to submit a self-guided Artist Interview with images.

Book 12: 2020 #spare-a-square


When toilet paper was seen as a rare commodity

Never in a million years would I have thought that toilet paper (TP) would cause such stress. But turns out that toilet paper and sanitizer were the first things to be horded when the Covid-19 Quarantine started in March of 2020.

And thats where I got the idea for this book. If TP is so rare, lets “#spare-a-square” for art’s sake.
The project asked for artwork to use one 4×4 sheet of TP, it could be painted, folded, drawn on, basically anything they wanted, but only one sheet, and as you can imagine since artists like to work outside the box, some decided to send me their individual interpretations. I know you’ll enjoy the journey into the world of TP in a way you have not seen before.

Available from amazon:

NOTE: Most artists kept within their style, but remember, TP is not easy to work with AND its intended to dissolve in water. Be sure to check out the Artists website for complete samples of their art.
A big thank you to all the artists who participated.

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My Day with Andre Smits and Artist in the World

Friday, February 8, 2019 I spent the day with Andre Smits a Dutch photographer who was here in Los Angeles photographing local artists in their studios. Link to his website is below.

I had seen his photos popping up around my facebook feed and since I too have an art project that involves artists I started researching what his was about… and from what I saw I wanted to be part of it. I contacted him by email and asked how he works and eventually we set a day/time for our touring day to begin.

My job was to line up the artists in my area that I would drive Andre to over the day. The SouthBay area has many artists and some were not available and many I knew were not on the route. Timing was important and our day was a Friday so thank goodness for and their route planning help, we were able to make our schedule without stress.

I wanted to document the day for my website but didn’t want to take the same photo that Andre was taking. The slideshow is of the day with the artists interaction.

Artists we saw this day: Tm Gratkowski, Bondo Wyszpolski, Genie Davis, Valerie Wilcox, Lance Richlin, Hung Viet Nguyen, Beth Elliott, Lowell Nickel, Lucinda Rudolph, Stuart Hamilton

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Resources & Tips & Calls & Fun Things

Interesting: call for entries, tips, fun things, business tips, how to’s… not organized

A not-organized list of artist call for entries, artist residencies, artist grants, how to tips, art supplies, art world business tips, fun things around and to do, what is an artist statement, artist bio how to, where to find your old webpages, online magazine entries, online art bio’s, online art contests, art submissions, and more…just click through to the next page

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Fun Debate between The Natural History Museum and The Science Museum UK

Shared from the Newstatesman article

I must say, this has made my day as I’ve read it over and over and am now planning to go to twitter, which I seldom do, and follow both these institutions… just for the rhetoric… the fun, the insights the learning the smiles and laughs that are coming out of my mouth and stimulating my thinking… now all that’s needed is one of the Museums of Art to chime RA or the British Museum  in with The Natural History Museum and the Science Museum  — here…! OR how about the US getting in on this… LACMA or MOCA

OPENING STATEMENT: “2017 is undoubtedly the year of the feud. As celebrities and corporations alike take to Twitter to hash things out, two of the UK’s most respected scientific institutions, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum have got in on the action.

It all started with this rather innocous tweet, during The Natural History Museum’s Ask a Curator event on Twitter, where users could tweet in questions to The Natural History Museum’s twitter account. The resulting back and forth is… continued here at Newstatesman article