Collectors and Buying Art:

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“…Take any of these approaches and you won’t be seeing any deluge of responses anytime soon. But wait; there’s more. Do you even know what they collect? Why they collect it? Who their favorite artists are? What those artists’ resumes look like? What price ranges they typically buy in? Whether your art fits with their agenda? This is essential information to have BEFORE you even think about making any kind of contact at all. But even if you know everything, crafting the perfect introduction is still not easy.

The leads to the another great myth– that collectors collect everything. If they’re art collectors, that means they collect all art, right? No, it doesn’t. The overwhelming majority collect very specific types of art. They do not buy randomly or arbitrarily wander the vast expanses of artland ever prepared to whip out the credit cards or write big checks. Nor do they give every artist or gallery on the planet equal consideration. They are on missions to augment their collections entirely with art that fits their (often strict) acquisition parameters.

Collectors– especially more experienced ones– do not buy art simply …”

Shared from Art full article here