Copyright Discussion of Vivian Maier photographs

I find this extremely interesting since I awhile ago I started to supply a “Certificate of Ownership” to work I sell and I included a phrase stating that I own the rights to the art and sales.

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“On June 30, the executor of Vivian Maier’s estate filed a lawsuit against three commercial galleries exhibiting and selling the late photographer’s images. The executor charged that the collector who lent the pieces to the gallery may have owned the physical images themselves, but did not hold the rights to display or sell the pieces. The case is the latest in a long-running legal dispute over the rights to photographs by Maier, who died penniless and without known heirs. The suit also highlights a crucial aspect of copyright law: purchasers of a physical artwork are restricted in their rights to sell and market the piece.

From a Storage Locker to The World Stage

NOTE: Image is from the Artsy article all rights reserved by the estate of Vivian Maire. Please contact me if you’d like this removed. I only posted because the images are amazing and so is the case in point that artists need to hear about.

Until her death in 2009, Maier lived an inconspicuous life bouncing between homes in Chicago’s affluent Northern suburbs and working as a nanny. The children she nannied for describe her as a unique personality, a feminist and film lover, who spent her free time wandering the streets of Chicago. There, she took tens of thousands of photographs that she kept largely to herself. In the later years of her life, most of her photographs and negatives wound up in storage, completely unbeknownst to anyone but Maier herself.”


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