Habits of Creative Involvement…For Artists

(Shared from Artnet.com )

First I was drawn in by the authors title, the use of a new term from the tech world. Upon reading, the author suggests 12 different interesting ways artists might consider to create “the space” for creativity. 

I have a tendency to do a lot of sleeping, blanking out the conscious and go to the subconsicous… then I find myself organizing (ha!) my studio, then my house, all kinds of nervous energy until I finally have cleared the space, both physical and mentally to approach a canvas or paper.

The authors list is below but I encourage you to click through to the article and read their descriptions. I like #’s 2, 5, 7, 11.

“What makes some artists more successful than others? Talent, luck, and hard work certainly play a part, but there are other, subtler habits that many of the greats seem to have in common. We asked 11 artists about their work routines and the way they structure their lives to see how these everyday rituals, big and small, make them tick. Below, see the 12 habits that help these artists create their best work.” …. click through to read more at Artnet.com

  1. Live in Airplane Mode
  2. Pretend You’re “Out of Office”
  3. Embrace Background Noise
  4. Follow the News—Even When It’s Bad
  5. Do Your Admin in the A.M.
  6. Exercise Creatively
  7. Be Self-Reliant—and Consistent
  8. Stop Making Art
  9. Marry the Right Person
  10. Read Books—a Lot of Them
  11. Embrace Odd Hours
  12. Trust Your Instincts