A Moment in Time for 2020

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Please follow the below procedures and rules.

Please note the word STORIES…. NOT statements or process or medium or cv qualifications or anything else THIS BOOK is about stories of experience or insight THAT happened about the quanatine.

CONTENT: needs to be a real-life-story that happened to you in books-focus year, THE STORY has to be about a real experience, a moment, an aha moment, a sharing about / of you for all the readers out there to connect to. Like something happened and I did, thought, felt…..

DO NOT SEND a fiction story, artist statement, art process, medium, life story, cv, etc. think like this… I’m asking for apples and if you give me an orange… that’s not going to work. This is like any other specialized call for entry… please send a real life story that happened to you during the quarantine.

IMPORTANT: no changes after submitting. All submissions are final.

1. Must be an artist of 18yrs and older actively pursuing a professional art career in the art industry.

2. Please follow the directions, no X-rated images or stories. Final choices are up to me and there are no guarantees you will be included even if you submit. I might suggest a slight change in your story for it to read better or something like that. Don’t hate me for this… I’ve been making books for decades and want this one to be distributed as widely as possible. I am hoping to have at least 100 to 200 artists in the book so please pass along the call for entries. The books are produced to go into the library system and online so content is considered for broader distribution.

3. These books are art-project books. I am the publisher. The book will be listed on my amazon account for sale and are priced at an amount just enough to be accepted into the library system. If you want a book you will need to purchase it from amazon. One thing about Amazon is that books never die, get deleted, so it will live for a long time. Or at least until there is no longer an amazon. NOTE: Here is the link to the Amazon Associates (affiliate) program you can check it out https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/ this is a way you can make money from selling this book and any other book you add to your affiliate listings. You will not receive any payment for being in the book so be sure to join the above affiliate program.

4. The book will be published as a black and white, trade paperback (5.5 x 8.5 size) and will be a compilation of stories from artists.

PROOFING: you proof your own words. This book will not be edited or proofed by me. The way you write is up to you. And you accept all responsibility for any errors even if by mistake I leave something off, I apologize in advance. I reserve the right to refuse any submission without notice.

NOTICE: By submitting your image and story you are agreeing to take full responsibility for content submitted claiming you have the right to submit it holding Karrie Ross, ArtistArt&Story harmless in any dispute. Please change names of individuals you do not have the approval of to name. Your submission is representative of a signature agreement. As a contributor (you) accept and acknowledge: that any reproductions, photos, writing, comments of/by you or your work remains © copyright to you the artist; and that you are allowing Karrie Ross, ArtistArt&Story limited use of imagery/ Contributor photo/written submission, etc. in all or part, in the book and to accompany any events, PR, etc. that might be planned for the art-book project’s life.



Your image must be created during the quarantine if at all possible, otherwise something from 2020. So if the book is for the quarantine the art should have been made for that.

IMAGE SPEC: Please choose ONE (1) image, jpg. NO larger than 1 MB.
NOTE: Quality is what you send, good bad or ugly.

IMAGE NAME your file as the below example and do not use anything but letters and hyphen NO spaces etc.  format: firstname_lastname_book#.jpg   example: james_bond_book12.jpg

Contributors takes full responsibility for their content and involvement and that they will review/proof their submitted story and photo submission for the book and approve them for printing and use in the art-project and etcs.


Please note the word STORIES…. NO statements or process or medium or cv, qualifications or life story or anything else. THIS BOOK is about REAL LIFE experience of personal “something happened” experience or insight FROM the quarantine. If you are included in the book you will get an email when the book is published but please join the mailing list and/or the Artist Art & Story facebook page to be sure you get notification.

All submissions are final.