Some Ways Respecting Your Self Might Shows Up

Shared from the article at Thought Catalog

1. Not accepting apologies if they’re not followed by action.

2. Placing self-care on the top of your priority list; being more ambitious about your wellbeing than making other people money.

3. No longer playing peacemaker. No longer being a martyr for other people’s wars. No longer feeling the need to be the person who has to smooth over any situation that gets out of hand; becoming someone who can stay in their own peace while other people act foolish.

4. No longer idly nodding while other people complain about their lives. No longer participating in conversations that are largely negative, or exist at the expense of someone else’s reputation.

5. “Ghosting” on people who you don’t actually owe an explanation to. Yes, the mature thing to do is tell someone you’re no longer speaking to why you’re no longer speaking to them. But a lot of the time, the better course of action is just to stop, and this is particularly important with people who would be combative or aggressive in response.

6. No longer justifying actions. No explaining…..

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