An important part of being seen is getting your name out there. In todays tech world that means a website, social media, back links. AAS is a source of back links, and information. The Art-Project Books allow for community and the interviews allow you to reach more people with your art and story.

I hope you’ll consider submitting to both the interviews, profile and yearly books. No Fee.

All Submissions:  We do review what is submitted and reserve the right to not post your submission, this action helps us, 1. ensure that the artists who apply are serious, and are committed to the outreach their submission provides. 2. to assist in the website staying clean, creating more ways to spread the word about art, and promoting. (Note: contact us if you question if your content is acceptable.)

The Yearly Book:

I make a yearly book of stories and art that is like a journal really. The artist writes a 500 to 1000 word story and sends a photo of work created in the target year. This is a black and white 5.5 x 8.5 paperback book. Check out the link for more about the series and how when to submit


Self Guided Interview:

Use link below to submit the Self Guided Interview, you will be directed to the submission form. On this form, here are 5 questions, up to 500 word bio/statement, and 3 artwork image uploads. Please complete all spaces. Please review the Image submission specs are on the redirect page.

Interview SUBMIT

Artist Profile:

Use  link below to submit to the Artist Profile, you will be directed to the submission form. Upload your up to 800 word bio / statement, 1 artist image, and 2 artwork images. Image submission specs are on the submit page.

Profile SUBMIT

Studio Visits:

A group post will be created when we receive at least 5 plus submissions. (studio only, no artist in the photo) Include 100 word bio/statement caption.  Image submission specs are on the submit page.

Studio Visit SUBMIT