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Writing Grants… things to watch out for

(Shared from Praxis Center for Aesthetics article)

I don’t know about you but writing grants seem to put me in a mood of fear… of not knowing, or being “correct” or will my idea be good enough. This article shares some insights as to moving forward with what needs to be done and offers helpful suggestions.


“It’s no secret that the grant writing world is a competitive place. When there are countless applicants and only one prize, the majority will, unfortunately, not receive the news they hope for. There is much to be said for being at the right grant at the right time and simply connecting with the panel on some level that maybe isn’t quantifiable. But there are also some very concrete things that contribute to the success of some grant applications over others. Having a compelling project is only one piece of the puzzle. There is a lot of fascinating art being made out in the world. Knowing some of the keys to submitting a winning grant proposal can give you the leg up you need to land the grants you want.

Have a solid plan

Before you even begin searching for grants, you need to know what your plans are. If you don’t have a specific project you want to be funded, you might need to hold off on applying for a grant. While there are some grants that are more generalized in nature, emergency grants, those for cost of living or supplies, many…(Shared from Praxis Center for Aesthetics article)”