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Studio Visits: The Brewery Los Angeles

The Brewery Artwalk Los Angeles, CA

I have been visiting the Brewery in downtown LA for years and each time I see something different that catches my eye. I have many friends who live there… the art spaces are amazing. Some have tall open ceilings and others have garden walkways. There is a lot of asphalt and a park right in the middle of the complex. It also is home to about 3 galleries LA Artcore being one of them.

There is a restaurant named Barbara’s where you can find artists and business people hanging out eating or having a conference. It’s certainly a destination location… and one not to miss.

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Susan Savory Dean

Anna Stump and Daphne Hill

Jill Sykes

Theodore Svenningsen

Miri Polsky

Ada Pullini

Bruce Dean

Charles Swenson

Emily Elisa Halpern

Patrick Haemmerian

Guillermo Bert

James R. Eads

Jane Szabo

Matty Robinson and Eric A. Wahl

Yvonne Beatty

MNKR Brand

Bibi Davidson, and Dwora Fried

Nicole Fournier

Victoria Sebanz

Oskar Sheldonian

Susan Savory Dean

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[from their website] We are one of the oldest and largest artist colonies in the world, celebrating over 30 years. Covering 23 acres in 14 buildings of live-work spaces, 500-700 artists and businesses call The Brewery their home. Twice a year, we open our doors and invite the public to enjoy our open studios at The Brewery Art Walk.

The Brewery Art Colony, located in Los Angeles, has been called the largest live-and-work artists’ colony in the world. The compound sits on twenty-one former warehouses – with an old Edison power plant chimney dating to 1903 – house work studios, living lofts, restaurants and galleries. 
The Brewery is home to practitioners of a variety of artistic mediums from painting, sculpture and photography to industrial design, architecture and experimental new media

The Beginnings

The Brewery Art Colony began in 1903 as the Edison Electric Steam Power Plant and then as a Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery. Years later it was converted into artist lofts.

The Artwalk

The Brewery Art Walk is a twice-annual free event showcasing Los Angeles artists selling gallery-quality fine art at studio prices. Artists open up their homes to the public and allow them to browse and purchase their artwork in their lofts. The Art Walk offers visitors a unique chance to walk door to door to visit artists in their workspaces. 

Studio Visits: Santa Fe Art Colony Los Angeles

Santa Fe Art Colony Art Walk October 2017

For some years now I’ve been walking the artwalks in Los Angeles, and now finally with this site I can document further the memories of the Artists I visit, so gracious and open with their sharing of art and spaces. The conversations this year were especially contagious, I seem to be taken in on a deeper level than before. A greater connection being made. Truly a must see when the next one comes around. Be sure to visit their website and sign up for notices…not to be missed.

[from their website] “The Santa Fe Art Colony is a live / work studio complex in downtown Los Angeles whose residents are professional artists making, teaching and promoting art in the region and the world. The annual open studios have been run by residents of the art colony since 1988. The original brick portion of the Santa Fe Art Colony was built in 1906 by entrepreneur C.B. Van Vorst, and was used as a mattress factory until the 1940’s. In 1988 the complex was renovated and developed into artists’ lofts by aa group of partners.

“A hidden neighborhood located on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Some have the pleasure to visit and collaborate with fellow artist’s at one of the spaces in the colony. Fifty-Seven in total, it’s private, quiet, a place to get work done.”

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Center Courtyard of the location

Kate Delinge

Stu Needman

Lillian Abel

Steve Winaver

Peggy Nichols

Diane Cockerill

Julie Arnoff

Mike Vegas Dommermuth

Fatemah Burnes

Sharon Ryan

Don Lewis

Dawn Arrowsmith

Laurel Paley

Ewa Pietraszak

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