Terms of Submission

Terms of Submission: for online postings, books are different.

The website Artist Art and Story reserves the right to refuse any submissions they determine to not fit in their mission, (see not accepted paragraph below)  without notice. All payments are nonrefundable.

  • Artist Interview is 20 questions and 250 words for the bio/statement and 3 image files max 500KB each.
  • Artist Profile is 500 word bio, and 3 images max 500KB each.
  • Studio Photo is 100 words and 1 image max 500KB.
  • Poses image max is 300KB.

Artwork Specs for all online postings: Naming and size of files.

  • First_last_number.jpg (example:   sam_smith_1.jpg) and use 2, 3, respectively for each following image.
  • 72dpi, RGB, jpg
  • NO LARGER than 500KB (smallest size accepted is 200KB but the bigger the better.)

NOTE: please proof before you send, no changes can be made after submission. What you send is what will be posted.

Payment: Please use payment button at https://www.artistartandstory.com/submission

Once payment is received you’ll be directed to the fill in the entry form page to submit. Your interview will be posted within 1-3 weeks. There are no refunds if your content is not approved. See the following:

NOT Accepted content: submissions that don’t answer all the questions, or are under 600 words; if the images are not named or sized correctly; submissions that are over the top XXXXXXX rated, violent, demeaning, intentionally harmful, etc. Inquire if you are not sure. Contact page.

Follow us on social media links are here (https://www.artistartandstory.com/media ) and sign up to our mailing list on website, to find out when your piece is posted.

Disclaimer, Rules, etc. (please see website for complete terms of use statement)

  1. PROOFING: you proof your own words. Your submission will not be edited or proofed by us. The way you write is up to you. And you accept all responsibility for any errors even if by mistake something is left off, we apologize in advance.
  2. Contributors takes full responsibility for their involvement and that they will review/proof their submitted interview question / answers and photo submission for the project and approve them for printing and use in the art-projects and etcs. By submitting. Along with the possible use of the content supplied being made into a yearly book for the website.
  3. Must be 18yrs and older.
  4. Please follow the directions as this has to be easy for both of us. Final choices are up to the website, so if you feel you might not be included, please contact us first with an image sample and we will let you know before you submit.
  5. By submitting your image and content you are agreeing that you have the rights to the material you submit and your submission is representative of a signature agreement. As a contributor (you, artist, etc.) accepts and acknowledges: that any reproductions, photos, writing, comments of/by you or your work remains © copyright to you, artist, etc.; and that you are allowing Artist Art and Story, to use imagery/ Contributor photo/written submission, etc. in all or part, in the online postings, or books, and to accompany any events that may promote said projects, PR, etc. that might be planned for the project’s life.