Who We Are


This site was created to further promote the focus of the Art-History-Book-Project of Karrie Ross. Her “Our Ever Changing World: Through the Eyes of Artists” are books that spotlight artists, art, and a story of their life or about the art. After having success with the first books she took the project to the next step, the website where the books can live.

FIRST: there is now a submission form that makes sending entries easier

SECOND: Created the opportunity for artists of all disciplines to submit a self guided interview or profile  which they will benefit in the way of a back link and added exposure for the art they create.

THIRD: For local artists created the opportunity to have Karrie do a Studio Visit and Essay for them.

FORTH: Karrie also designs art catalogs, is a muse / coach helping with getting unstuck, and offers guidance and  training for social media / promotion. Personal Muse Inspiration  consulting conversations

FIFTH: Some more exciting concepts will be happening as well but they are still in creation.