Who We Are


This site was created to further promote the focus of the Art-Project Books of Karrie Ross. Her “Our Ever Changing World: Through the Eyes of Artists” are books that spotlight artists, art, and a story of their life or about the art. After having success with the first 6 books she is now taking the idea to the next step.

FIRST: Having a designated “Submissions” location for  future books in the series, and the addition of new promo-sites to get the word out to other artists.

SECOND: Created the opportunity for artists of all disciplines to submit a self guided interview which they will benefit in the way of a back link and added exposure for the art they create.

THIRD: For local artists created the opportunity to have Karrie do a Studio Visit and Essay for them.

FORTH: Karrie also designs art catalogs, is a muse / coach helping with getting unstuck, and offers guidance and  training for social media / promotion.

FIFTH: Some more exciting concepts will be happening as well but they are still in creation.


Studio Visit & Essay    Send me a photo of you in your studio or work space and 100 words.

Promotion / Social Media    consulting conversations

Artist Catalog Design    over 40 years experience in graphic design

Personal Muse Inspiration  consulting conversations